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I enjoyed this tasting not least because it was the first R. and I had done for some time. It was good to get back to our Sunday night routine.

This was also a comparative tasting of Chardonnays, a grape I particularly enjoy, despite all of its bad press. Comparative tastings show up nuances of flavour in each wine that a single tasting fails to do – this was no exception. We were comparing an Aldi offering – Tasmanian Lot 02 Pipers River Valley – to a Co-op wine – Robert Oatley Margaret River. Each were around the £10 mark.

Both wines were very pale green in colour, the Tasmanian, if anything, slightly less coloured; both were tinged green.  There was some viscosity evident in each wine. Lemony acidity was certainly evident in each wine as was a slight oakiness but the Tasmanian wine had a more perfumed note which made the nose a bit more interesting.

The palates were appreciably different. Both had the lemon acidity but Oatley’s had the bigger, richer offering of the two as well as a heavier mouth feel, quite unctuous. Although definitely dry, it gave a slight fruit sweetness, possibly because of the richer style. The Tasmanian wine was not as rich but was higher in acidity. It had a pineapple flavour and, to us, seemed slightly more refined and delicate than Oatley.

Both were very well made wines and very pleasurable to drink. Good value at £10. I prefer the richer style of Chardonnay, possibly more oaked than these were, but, nevertheless I enjoyed both wines.

[Richard: Geoff mentioned he was bringing a chardonnay round and I spotted the Lot 2 in Aldi the same day. Otherwise not planned. This is the second of the Aldi Lot series I’ve tasted and thought it pretty good and just preferable to the Oatley where the superior mouth feel was undermined by some residual sweetness.]


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