Alsace – Hunawihr and The Map


Cave Vinicole de Hunawihr is the co-operative in the Alsace town, an impressive, modern building with a welcoming visitor section. Richard and I visited it two years ago – he bought some wine, I came away with a relief map of Alsace. The wine was stored safely in the boot but the unfoldable plastic map – about 4 feet long – had to sit awkwardly in the car through the rest of holiday. It now resides in the spare room; Richard has drunk the wine he purchased. There must be a moral there, somewhere.

This Sunday we tried the Cave Vinicole’s Grand Cru Osterberg 2010. Although it was a Riesling it didn’t show the typical aromatic characteristics of that grape. The colour was pale lemon/green with evidence of some viscosity. The dominant bouquet was one of citrus but it’s freshness was it’s most attractive feature. The palate was dry and balanced,  the full-flavour complementing a mouth-watering acidity. There was no hint of the renowned kerosene notes, possibly because it was still young in development. It was a wonderful, sipping wine – no need to rush this one, it just needed savouring. Excellent.

[Richard: this wine is a bit of a mystery as I cannot trace where it came from. There were two bottles originally and I specifically kept the second for Geoff to try. Not the usual places – like WS – and there doesn’t seem to be a UK stockist. Perhaps it was one of those purchased Geoff mentions above? In which case it would have been about €11. Anyway, fabulous wine with tremendous, mouth puckering acidity but in a good way with loads of balance. And if you are in the area, a great co-op to visit with a wide range of excellent and well priced wines.]


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