Tempranillo aka Pinot Noir


Vina Arana Reserva Rioja 2005 can be easily mistaken for an old red Burgundy. Deep red in colour, almost opaque and with a brick coloured rim, it showed some viscosity on the sides of the glass. There was a rich, earthy/woody smell to the wine, but also with an underlying sweetness so reminiscent of a fine Pinot Noir. Lastly, the woodiness came through on the palate, along with a deep subtle red fruit with a pleasing acidity to match.

This was a decent wine, but not made from Pinot Noir rather a Tempranillo/Mazuelo blend. And it fooled me with its delicacy and refreshing, lifting acidity.

[Richard: typical oldish Rioja, a style I really like. Opened 24h when Geoff tasted it. For me it couldn’t have been anything other than Rioja but that’s easy to say having seen the bottle. From WS, £16.]


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