Two for the price of one


This wine has been consistently well-reviewed by wine critics for both for its quality and price – so we thought we’d add our two penn’orth. Richard and I bought a bottle each and tasted them separately, posting two blogs on the same page. There was no collusion or fore-knowledge of our opinions.

Geoff; Colour was bright, clear, lightish red with a slight pink rim. Some viscosity was evident. The nose was vey perfumed and smelt of sweet red fruits, like a summer berry cocktail. Dominant smell was that of strawberries. Acidity was present. The palate was dry after the initial attractive sweetness, not particularly long but it had a good weight in the mouth. The acidity, particularly after chilling, was obvious and gave it a structure. I think the fruit was more loganberry than anything else but you could choose any red fruit and be right.

Overall, it wasn’t a complex wine and I disagree that it would beat a Burgundy at the same price. I wouldn’t buy a Burgundy at 8.99 and expect it to compete. It’s a different wine. This German wine is a crowd pleaser, slightly sweet and very distinctively perfumed – I wouldn’t want my red Burgundy to have those characteristics. Okay, unchallenging and made for its market is my summary.

[Richard: I saw a good review of this and forwarded the link to Geoff as he often buys from M&S. I never bother looking as too often in the past recommended wines have not been stocked in our local branch. However on the way to Under Pressure, the best coffee shop in Sutton Coldfield, we called in to M&S and there it was, £10 reduced to £8.

Drunk last night, with pizza. I wasn’t expecting much – certainly not something comparable to a ‘top Burgundy’ as the back label risibly claims but it wasn’t bad. Much better than another German pinot tried last year. Decent varietal nose, some spice, fruit and oak on the palate, reasonable length. Easy to drink and perfect for mid-week.]


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