Another good Sauvignon Blanc


My antipathy towards Sauvignon Blanc is tempered by the more subtle French styles (see Doisy Daene review). This wine was no exception. This Sancerre from Les Monts Damnes by Francois Cotat – a good site and a good producer – was of the 2007 vintage. If it had originally shown any of that pronounced gooseberry nose then that had long gone and left a lovely melon-scented freshness which was very distinctive. The light green colours were clear, bright – suggesting youth; its viscosity heralded some weight in the mouth. The palate was long, dry and very fresh with lemony acidity. There was no edginess, it was a wine ‘happy in its skin’, settled and still remarkably attractive. The weight was certainly there but with not a hint of oak, yet it had been kept in very old oak barrels which would account for its richness (some critics picked up its creamy qualities) This was a quality wine from a recognised top producer – lovely to drink (13% ABV).

[Richard: bought from the WS in 2009 (£27), along with two other sancerres from Cotat. I’d tried one a while ago and thought it might be past it (2015 is the end of the WS drinking window). However the wax seal on the cork indicates, I assume, that the producer thinks it is one for the long term. Nothing like a NZ sauvignon – indeed hard to identify the grape at all –  and all the better for it with lovely rich mouth feel and subtle flavours. Very enjoyable.]


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