Many a Sipp …


…… were purchased by Richard on 13th April 2013. Grand Cru Kirchberg de Ribeauville 2002 by Louis Sipp was purchased as part of a case of Kirchbergs from vintages between the years 1999 and 2009. This purchase was made direct from the outlet in the very pretty wine town that typified the region of Hansel and Gretel houses.

The colour was a deep yellow with no trace of green, bright and clear with some viscosity evident (13% ABV). The nose was very complex and shouted stewed fruit to me which moved to honey the longer it sat in the glass. It smelt fresh with the slight undertones of the expected kerosene and we could also detect melon.

This was not carried through into the palate, however, which was disappointing. The dominant taste was that of acidity but with slight honey notes. It didn’t carry much weight in the mouth.

The wine was an anti-climax and we both thought that there was a lack of intensity in the flavour, which is non-typical of an Alsace wine. Vintage conditions were variable with hot sun in early summer and rain and cold temperatures closer to picking time. Although well-made we said the wine was disappointing, not surprising considering the weather.

{Richard: we parked up in Ribeauville and walked up through the high street, with caves on every corner. Having heard that Sipp was a good maker we were pleased to find it immediately. A very welcoming (and generous) tasting room with three Germans getting stuck into the gewürztraminer with great enthusiasm. I bought a mixed riesling case (although not sold as such) of 6 different vintages. Only on leaving the cave and walking on further did we realise (you may have heard this before), that there was another Sipp, which we have yet to blog on. After all that this wine was a let down. Classic riesling nose I thought which didn’t follow through onto the taste which was dull after the first glass. Must try a later vintage soon.]


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