Blind Date (with history)


This week’s ‘blind challenge’ was a giveaway on the nose – lovely, cherry notes presaged the Pinot Noir. But then came the more difficult ‘French or New Zealand?’ poser. I got it right, this time and even suggested Volnay.

This was a 2006 Volnay Les Grandes Poisots from the Domaine Louis Boillot, an established Burgundy family of winemakers. It had been decanted for about 45 mins which helped contribute to its distinctly red/brown tinge in the glass and its light depth of colour. There was some evidence of weight but not much (it was 13% ABV).

We both commented on how the nose was uncomplicated – classic Pinot but without much depth. This cherry hint was continued through into the palate but the wine ended dry and still had some firm tannins giving it structure. Of medium length, this was a lean and light Burgundy.

Interestingly, Volnay is thought to be the origin of domaine bottling in Burgundy as some producers ‘went alone’ after criticising the beefing up of their wines with those from other regions to suit the market for a fuller style. This happened in the 1930s and some people find the light style of Burgundy not to their taste even now. Personally, I prefer the lighter reds – so this wine suited me – but I do recognise how the leaner style would have its detractors.

[Richard: another from the burgundy ‘mystery cases’ that the WS no longer offer. Purchased in 2011, I think. Cost is a mystery as well but I’d guess around £25. I’ve hung on to this for a while as web opinion was that it needed a bit more time. Actually it doesn’t and is drinking well now, albeit in a simple, village burgundy, kind of way. Pretty sure there is no Algerian red in this. No improvement in the glass over the evening.]


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