Five unusual wines from Spain, and a beer.

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Back in Jerez. Angie visiting for the first time. We’ve been eating out every evening, tapas in various favourite places, so not much opportunity to evaluate local (non-sherry) wines, although last night we enjoyed a bottle of the lovely Barbazul tinto, a wine blogged on before.

Just off the Arenal square in Jerez is a bookshop (on c./Remedios) that sells a few interesting bottles as a sideline. The first two listed came from there.

Bermejo Malvasia Seco 2011

A very minimalist label – nothing on the bottle, only the neck. Can’t recall drinking either a dry Malvasia or a wine from Lanzarote, which this is. Ambitiously priced at €15, 13.5%. An interesting nose, grassy with a hint of melon. Very slight prickle on the tongue with a rich mouth feel. Quite long, dry with an early hint of sweetness, echoing the primary use of the grape in the production of Malmsey. No resemblance to any mainstream grape. Very nice but a little overpriced.

Fine Tempo 2010

Made by Zahara de la Sierra, within the Cadiz appellation, 14%, €12.50. This is a new bodega with only a few hectares. No information available in English that I could find. Syrah, Cabernet and Petit Verdot. Percentages not given although the first two are very evident. A classy wine with fruit and structure and a Rioja like savouriness. Instantly appealing but not a fruit bomb. Great value and I’d certainly buy again.

Garum 2013

Made in the Jerez area. Merlot 70%, Syrah 10%, Tempranillo 10% Petit Verdot 9%, Cabernet Sauvignon 1%. Had this in a restaurant, the excellent Reino de Leon, where it cost €14.5. Very well made wine, deep red,balanced, some spice, lots of depth.

Cortijo de Jara blanco 2014

Another Jerez wine with, I think, a unique blend of Gewurtztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc. The former is identifiable from the nose, the latter from the taste. Off dry, quite long and perfect with arroz de marinera and clams with garlic. About €13 in the restaurant so half that in a shop.

Destra Perlo Rubina Andalucian Pale Ale

Made in Jerez, the first beer I’ve seen from the town. We went to a very good tapas bar (Atuvera) in the St Miguel district and stopped at a neighbourhood festival on the way back. The beer was being sold by the makers from a pop-up bar. Quite spicy, refreshing, lots of flavour but not hoppy in an English pale ale way. €2.5, didn’t notice the ABV.

Samaruco 2013

From the same maker as the Garum (Bodegas Luiz Perez). Petit Verdot 40%, Merlot 30%, Syrah 30%. Unusually high percentage of PV. Another very good and appealing wine from this maker, spicy, well integrated, a hint of tannin (one year in oak). €20 at Antonio in Plaza Asuncion and a perfect accompaniment to an oxtail burger and some iberico pork steak.


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