A Majestic bargain


Majestic, now under their new CEO, are disposing of some stocks and it seems to be on a store-by-store basis. My local store had got some Louis Latour Marsannay, an 08 and 09, for £9.99 ea. We tasted the 08 last Sunday.

Marsannay is the first AC south of Dijon – so right at the top of the Cote d’Or and produces all three colours of wine, red having replaced the rose in popularity. The white production is relatively small and, to be truthful, I wasn’t expecting much. The name Louis Latour was the clincher for me.

It was still citrussy-fresh whilst, at the same time, having some depth on the nose. This followed the pale green colouring which was clear, bright and showing some alcohol on the sides of the glass. The palate was weighty and rich with plenty of acidity to maintain its surprising youthfulness. It was a big mouthful of serious wine – not particularly complex but well-made and great value at under a tenner. The normal price was £16 and I wouldn’t have begrudged paying that for it.

White Burgundy – mmmm.

[Richard: excellent wine, good nose, some weight and richness, great value at the sale price. I’ve had some ordinary Louis Latour over the years but this wasn’t one of them. I rarely go to MWW these days – don’t like the way you are forced to buy two of most wines to get a decent price – but perhaps I should.]


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