Three from Spain

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No Geoff this week – on holiday in Copenhagen. Perhaps he’ll do a lager blog.

About 18 months ago Waitrose started selling 50cl bottles of a fino from Gonzalez Byass called Delicado, apparently sourced from Tio Pepe soleras. I tried a bottle but wasn’t much impressed. I’ve since read a good review which makes me think I should try again. My impression was that the wine didn’t sell very well – £14 for 50l is a biggish step up from Tio Pepe itself – but I must be wrong since an amontillado, also called Delicado, has turned up, 12 years old, same price, similar label. No information on the source. There is also a PX but no sign of that in Waitrose. This was pretty good, really a fino-amontillado, pale yellow, complex nose, lots of depth and length. Not quite as good as an Equipo Navazos offering but a lovely drink comparable, in quality terms, to the Dos Palmas we blogged on a while ago.

I’ve probably got more Rioja in the house than anything else so we opened a couple this weekend, despite it not being Angie’s favourite red. The Contino 2005 Reserva (WS £22 out of stock) was another well reviewed wine (in a recent Decanter) and is now drinking very well. Completely integrated, very savoury and rich, not especially ‘old Rioja’ in style which I know puts some people off. Went very well with some homemade pizza bianca.

Finally on Sunday, to accompany a pork and cider casserole I opened a Conde de Valdemar Gran Reserva 1991 (still available, only £12 each if you buy two from MWW). This is a very good price for a 24 year old GR, provided it’s any good. Reviews on Cellartracker are both positive and negative but I thought it was very nice. Thin in the mouth in the way that old Rioja often is, as savoury as the Contino, rich tasting. A bargain.


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