It’s back…



Third week in November – must be Beaujolais Nouveau. Some people are a bit snooty about this wine – people on Twitter pointing out the WS (who have never sold Nouveau whilst I’ve been a member) sell ‘proper’ Beaujolais for a few pounds more. I think this misses the point, especially if you regard wine as an experience as much as a taste. ‘Taste of summer’ is a cliche but true, nonetheless. Quality can be variable year on year but this vintage is very drinkable. No banana, lots of fruit. Probably a coincidence but for the first time that I can remember the wine is not supplied by Duboeuf but by Bartier – not a name I know. From Waitrose £7.99.



We also tried a 2009 burgundy [Nuits Saint George Aux Murgers, Misset], part of a mixed case from Yapp [£35] who were very enthusiastic about the vintage. Several years cellaring was advised but opinion on Cellartracker was that this was ready and so it proved. Soft, lots of fruit, strong varietal character, good mouth feel, easy to drink (only 12.5%) with the only negative being a slightly murky appearance not evident in the photo. Classy label, as well.


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