Pinot Noir at home


The village of Aloxe-Corton is at the northern end of the Cote de Beaune in Burgundy and, unlike the southern end of this sub-region produces more reds than whites. The reds are reputed to have the firmness of the Cote de Nuits which is where I placed this wine in Richard’s blind tasting. The wine was Francois Gay’s Aloxe-Corton 2009 (13%) and a compelling wine.

The colour was dark – for a Pinot Noir – with a brick rim. A slight mustiness on the nose came and went, and was not unattractive but the dominant aromas were that of ripe cherries. Woodiness on the palate was evident, but again did not detract from our enjoyment. The wine was savoury, quite weighty and had a drying finish. This was at its best, a full-flavoured mouthful – with depth that we haven’t found in New World offerings of the same grape variety.


[Richard: another from the Yapp ‘2009s are fabulous – you must buy some’ mixed case, about £30. Some suggestion on Cellartracker that this will continue to improve but we didn’t think so. Two bottles left so we’ll see. Very nice, soft pinot, lots of fruit, unmistakably French. (Geoff spotted northern Cotes de Beaune before seeing the label). The woodiness came and went but wasn’t a detraction.]



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