Pretty sure the future’s not orange…



Geoff hosting this Sunday. A rainy night and the first tried wine had often been on his mind, namely Tbilvino Qvevris 2012 from Georgia (M&S, 11.5%, about £10). Not tasted blind as I have no experience of Georgian wines or grapes. Not alone in that, I’m sure. But – this is not our first amphora wine. We tried this one, from Sicily, in March and weren’t much impressed. As it turned out the the wines were quite similar in the impression they left with the same phrase – ‘one-dimensional’ – reappearing. This was orange/amber, very bright, shy, rather musty, white-Rhone style nose. Medium length, low acidity, no recognisable grape variety you could latch onto. A bit similar to dry sherry and it certainly coped with with some smoked anchovies.




The second wine was tasted blind and I got as far as NZ chardonnay which is far better than my usual efforts. Half bottle of Kumeu River 2011 (WS, now out of stock). Light green/pale yellow, some ‘burnt match’ on the nose. A bit sweeter than the lemony nose leads you took expect but nowhere near an Aussie tropical fruit bomb – which is why I went for the cooler climate NZ. Good acidity. A classy Burgundian style drink.


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