Special occasions



Are wines for special occasions or do they make occasions special?

This wine was the first of two from Richard’s slowly declining stock and it was a joy. Laurent Perrier 2004 Brut Millesime is consistently well-reviewed so these few words will add to the praise.

The deep lemon colour and the lack of any green hues indicated age (it was tasted blind) and its fine mousse proclaimed a good pedigree. The nose was deep apples but still delicate. This delicacy was taken forward to the palate which showed light, refreshing and still sherbet-like qualities. The acidity was wonderfully balanced.

I had attended a vintage champagne tasting some months ago and was struck by the richness of each wine – so much so that I craved for the freshness that this LP vintage had. This is what stood out for me – 04 vintage yet still showing great youth and vibrancy. There is no indication of the blend; my guess is that the chardonnay percentage is high. Excellent.

[Richard: bit of both is my answer to Geoff’s question although I don’t need much encouragement to open a bottle of champagne. I bought 6 of these a couple of years ago (MWW, £30 each) and they’ve aged well. A decent champagne, rather too light for me as I prefer the pinot dominated blends. Drinking well on day two.]


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