Three Christmas Reds

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The Megas 2010 (WS £23) is from Greece and we (the few that drank red) tried it on Christmas Day with roast pork. This wine has been very well reviewed but I wasn’t convinced. Well made, lots of fruit with character and depth, rather farmyard nose. However it had a raw, edgy feel in the mouth which I thought might disappear with time or on day 2 but it didn’t.

Despite being from a different country (Portugal) and vintage, with different grapes the Vinha Pan 2005 (WS £30) was very similar – even down to the edgy feel. Perhaps it’s me. This one could have been usefully decanted and/or kept a few years, although it is within the WS drinking window.

The Langhe Monti 2010 was a present but is from Laithwaites (reduced to £25). That rarity – a 100% Italian merlot, only made in good years. Too strong at 15% and rather one dimensional, as merlot can be. Clearly overpriced at the pre-sale level, less so now but the money would buy you a decent Chianti, even allowing for the vagaries of the area.


Conclusion – all interesting but none were exceptional or wines I would buy again.


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