Fragrant, scented…





Oloroso, as translated from the Spanish. Here’s two good ones. No need for two notes as they are both conceptually similar and leave the same impression. Not tasted together but I like them equally. Both fabulously complex on the nose and palate, with the trick of smelling sweet but tasting dry. Very long, savoury and moorish. Drunk slightly chilled – they soon warm up in a copita, although given the nose a wine glass would probably be better.

They are: Williams and Humbert 12yo from Waitrose, £8.69 and Very Rare Oloroso (made by Lustau) from M&S, about £9. Both half bottles.


One week on I tried another in the M&S series, a manzanilla pasada.


Not as likeable as the oloroso. Given the name some oxidisation is to be expected – even desirable –  but I thought there was too much. In principle the pasada style is a good thing, not least in this country where it is very hard to get recently bottled manzanilla, but this wasn’t much to my taste.


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