“Fancy a Grenache?” “Er ……”


The d’Arenberg name in Maclaren Vale, South Australia is a well-established, quality wine producer. But this particular wine – The Blewitt Springs 2009 – weighs in with 14.5% ABV. If I see 14.5% on the label I generally murmur ‘thanks but no thanks’. Add the grape variety – Grenache – and it’s a double whammy for me.

And for others, if the uprooting of Grenache vines in South Ozzie vineyards is a yardstick. The new plantings of Cab Sav and Shiraz edged out Grenache but, evidently, d’Arenberg did not follow the trend and kept the oldest vines. The result ….

….a deep intense red colour, surprisingly light legs with a slight brick rim. A hefty nose of black cherry/brambles, intense and strong. A palate nicely firm (lack of tannins is a Grenache problem),  flavours long with a pleasantly sweet (not jammy) ending. A well-made, quality wine.

I enjoyed this but I suspect it was expensive (R. will enlighten). Perhaps I’ve been drinking too cheaply.

[Richard: yes £38 but only 200 cases made, all taken by The WS. All gone now – I purchased in 2012.Wasn’t sure if this was ready and it would certainly keep but drinking well now and I don’t think there is much improvement to be had. A wine some Chateauneuf producers could usefully taste to see another side of grenache.]



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