Two from Chile

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Round to Geoff’s this Sunday. After some very good prosecco – three words I don’t often utter – we tried a riesling from Chile. Cono Sur Reserva 2014. Tesco had it for around £8 but it seems to have sold out. Attractive pale yellow with a hint of green, and a very typical ‘Alsace’ nose. However we didn’t enjoy the taste much. Too sweet – for me at least and rather cloying. Geoff went for soapy and hard. Either way, not a wine we wanted to drink much of.

Next was a 2010 syrah from Lucero (M&S, about £10, also out of stock). This had been open for three days but there was still, on uncorking, a massive blast of vanilla. As the M&S website puts it, ‘subtle use of French oak has rounded the texture of the wine…’ Well, subtle it ain’t although the aroma did fade. Very dark – garnet and purple in colour, still tasting fresh and spicy with a hint of the pepper you expect from syrah. Served slightly chilled which helped, I think. A decent wine but with none of the nuances that the Rhone (sometimes) delivers.


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