The other Trojan Horse


I tasted this wine blind – a very interesting experience indeed. The wine is Malagousia Single Vineyard 2013, bought from Highbury Vintners but I couldn’t find it on their current web site. As with other Greek wines I have tried, it produced a ‘wow’ factor with its unusual combination of textures and flavours, especially when tasted blind.

Appearance: pronounced lemon yellow, green tinge. Oily texture apparent in glass.

Nose: Obviously smoky, spicy (tried unsuccessfully to identify), hint of lemon. First thoughts, Chardonnay and then Semillon.

Palate: Rich, nutty, long dry finish, refreshing. Too big for Chardonnay so plumped for mature Semillon.

Overall: Lovely wine, interesting, complex – high quality.

The grape variety Malagousia was ‘rescued’ from extinction by Gerovassiliou, the maker of this wine in Epanomi in Macedonia. The wine won a Decanter regional award, and, after tasting this wine, I can understand why. I am searching for a supplier and have found Vincognito stock it. It’s a really good wine, probably even better on day 2.

(Subsequently established that the wine is stocked by Vin Cognito, an online retailer who stock a very interesting range of wines. It’s worth a visit to their web-site if only to marvel at the descriptions!)



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