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Geoff was looking for suppliers of Greek wine and came across Vin Cognito which has an interesting looking collection of wines from small and lesser known makers. The website is either quirky or irritatingly cute depending on your tolerance of things like ‘writing about wine is like dancing about architecture’, to be found on the home page. Ironically, as we say these days, the descriptions of their wines are extensive and tempting.


Thus one of my purchases was Mad Dog Shiraz which promised no jamminess (which I dislike) but ‘fruit ripeness and the vibrancy of tangier grapes’. Well, I’ve had jammier – from the Mont Ventoux area, for example, and this was a very easy to drink, very fruity wine (Angie loved it) but for me the lack of structure made it rather uninteresting and I’d prefer a decent Rhone at the same price – £18. Of course there are plenty (too many?) not very good Rhones at that price which aren’t as accurately described either.  And, although this was 14.5% I had no fear of a morning headache, which isn’t always the case with a village Gigondas, say.

Summary, good wine, well made, fair description, decent price – just not really to my taste.


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