Aldi – that’s your Lot series


Although a small range of thirteen wines, Aldi’s Lot series takes on Tesco’s Finest and Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference ranges. The neck tag of Chateau Fauzan proclaims ‘This wine is unique’ and emphasises both topography and the vinification from the 10 hectare of vineyards north-east of Minervois in the Languedoc.

The grapes’ blend was 60% Syrah, 30% Grenache and 10% Carignan.

So, how was the wine? Colour, an intense red with purple rim and significant alcohol indicated. The nose was dominated by fruit, brambles mostly which were quite sweet to smell and low in acidity. There was a structure provided by some tannins which also helped dry the finish which was long. The wine was medium weight and not overly jammy on the finish. In style, this was more like a New World Syrah rather than the lighter Old World style. A good value wine, well-made and with some layers of complexity.

[Richard, I think the latest wines from the Lot series are the best yet and have enjoyed all the reds including the Metairie Du Bois which hasn’t been blogged. Still £9.99.]




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  1. Have you tried the Super Tuscan? I think it was from the last selection of Lot series, but a friend bought me it as a housewarming gift, and I’ve yet to open it. Cheers!