Deja vu …. twice


Friday’s wine tasting was, in one way, a novel experience. Friday is usually my work night but, a temporary incapacitation has meant some free evenings until September. However, this Friday was not novel in the sense that both of the wines we tried have been blogged previously. What was interesting was a comparison of the notes and comments.

The red first – Domaine Boillot’s Volnay ‘Les Grands Poisots’ 2006. The family have been making Burgundies since 1855 and their vineyards are now totally organic. The wines have a minimum of 18 months in oak barrels. This particular vineyard is relatively large for a Volnay, bordering the Beaune/Chalons road and, I assume, of a flatter aspect. Volnay had earned a reputation for being light and delicate in style but this is now disputed; because of the variation in soil types there is no one style. Our tasting confirmed that.

Light in colour with distinctly brown edges and some viscosity (13% ABV) this wine smelt of the farm, of mushrooms and of ‘sous bois’, as the French would say. There was not an obvious note of fruit but the acidity came through. A typical Burgundian nose.

The palate I would describe as rustic, rather than refined, and quite tannic. What fruit there was reminded us of sour cranberries/cherries and, although light, was definitely long. This was a lovely wine and one strong enough to hold its own with calves’ liver or duck

[Richard: only a couple of bottles now left from the infamous WS burgundy mystery cases, which I’m sure you’re all bored hearing about. I estimated £25 when we last tasted this, on reflection that may have been an underestimate. No matter as there is none left, at least at the WS. I’ve been comparing our experience a year ago with this one. As before Geoff got France immediately and suggested Volnay. I though this was more interesting than before – perhaps the extra bottle age? A nice drink which drew you into another sip in the way that burgundy sometimes does.]


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