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We’ve tasted lots of different grapes over the last few years but this was a first. My turn to taste blind and after a few wrong guesses – it had a rather riesling nose I thought – and some prompting from Geoff I ended up at muscadet.

This was a wine we used to drink a lot of, both on holiday in northern France and at home, before the irresistible rise of chardonnay. But this is my first muscadet for many years, although I dimly recall an ‘on lees’ version (from MWW?) we used to enjoy.

Anyway a citrus, spicy nose, bright yellow green, a little raw, high in acidity with a respectably complex taste. Very enjoyable.

[Geoff: considering how well-known this wine is our lack of a blog is surprising. The grape is the Melon de Bourgogne, a nod to its origins in Burgundy where it was banned. Popular in the 1970s/80s, it was over-planted with the inevitable loss of quality (how many times does that happen!) but some quality conscious growers have  revived its fortunes, particularly in Sevre et Maine, south and east of Nantes.

The ageing (2012) lent it a weightier, fuller style, as well as some complexity. The spice on the nose I thought was white pepper but it was very slight. Drinking it later in the evening, it lost a bit of its freshness and became rather ordinary – so a quayside oyster bar, some lemons and a dozen huitres  would be my idea of a perfect context for this. £9.99 from Majestic – good value, but not for keeping.]


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