Another obscure grape (or grapes)


Táganan 2014 (Canary Islands), £20.

We both did a blind tasting on Friday. Mine was a white with a deep yellow colour and a fabulous Burgundian like nose with hints of matchstick. Obviously it wasn’t Burgundy – too easy – so like Geoff I was baffled as the taste wasn’t anything I recalled. Nice viscous mouth feel, ripe, long, high acidity, slightly salty/bitter finish. Later it became rather sour and was always lacking fruit. I preferred it more than Geoff, just as well since I’ve actually got a bottle – we bought one each from the same supplier (Vin Cognito) recently. Another irritating wax top completed the conceptual similarities between the two wines taste.

[Geoff: it’s definitely ‘grapes’, Richard (see title). It is what’s called an ‘indicative blend’ i.e. indigenous grapes in varying quantities, possibly a field blend. The only grape I recognised out of a long list was Malvasia. As regards the taste, I wasn’t so convinced as my drinking chum. Later on, the wine’s sulphur started to dominate (overused perhaps, to keep stability?) and the lack of real finesse started to detract from my enjoyment. In more prosaic terms – it became a bit ordinary. At £20, rather expensive for ordinary.]


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