Bank Holiday tomorrow…



Round to Geoff’s – thus avoiding Songs of Praise, and we got into the bank holiday mood (even thought we are both retired) by trying three wines, all blind for me.

First was a methode champenoise – I guessed this from hearing the noise of the cork being released which was a loud pop rather than a hiss. Clear and bright with a fine, but not powerful mousse. Slightly chalky nose, slightly sweet, a little hard on the finish all led me to suggest a Loire, which was correct.

The Marsannay was easy to guess as a Burgundian chardonnay, just from Geoff’s body (and actual) language – it’s his favourite wine. Rather atypical nose, little matchstick, some oak, a little acidic. Good mouthfeel but again slightly bitter on the finish. Needless to say I had no idea where in Burgundy it came from.

Finally an Italian red, served lightly chilled. Light red, cherry, raspberry flavour, again slightly bitter, rather like a dry lambrusco. I guessed northern Italy and wondered if it might be from the Veneto as it tasted rather like wines I drunk in Venice, a few years ago. Unfortunately though, I kept that thought to myself so it didn’t count.

[Geoff: I’d just like to add, just in case our reader is a member of the medical profession, that we had less than a glass of each wine.

Richard was spot on by identifying Saumur, very impressive. We thought it was an acceptable, if one-dimensional, fizz. However, there are a lot of very ordinary champagnes around at the moment for a lot more money. This cost £9 from Sainsbury’s which was a similar price to the Marzemino red in their Taste the Difference range. The red was a good accompaniment to the salad/fennel salami/mozzarella starter that Claire and I had later. I thought the Marsannay was a tad past its best, but still good, and have got two more from a more recent vintage. It’s the most northerly AC of the Cote d’Or and probably better known for its rose.]


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