Another holiday in the charming village of Villes Sur Auzon. (Not Luzon – thanks Emma). TerraVentoux is the local co-op with two caves in Villes and nearby Mormoiron.

I bought this wine (€7) because it was 100% Grenache and I thought it would interest Geoff, given his antipathy to the grape. Something I couldn’t discover is why a different spelling was used on the label, though I suspect that it is a dialect variant. Anyway, quite light, easy to drink, appealing and moreish (I didn’t take notes). Certainly miles away from the heavy CdP we blogged on recently and all the better for it.

Not wishing to bore the reader with details of every wine drunk on holiday I’ll just mention our favourite. This was a Sablet, Domaine des Pasquiers 2014 purchased from the Leclerc supermarket in Carpentras. Very complex, lots of dark fruit with a big peppery blast on the nose. The website just says syrah/grenache but I thought there was much more of the former. Very drinkable and a bargain at around €8.


Faced with the massive choice of Rhone wines available in Leclerc – none of which you have ever heard of – I went for wines which had won prizes in competitions. I realise this is not a foolproof strategy but the silver and gold awarded to these wines was well deserved.

[Geoff – written after Linda’s comment. Richard and I attended an excellent talk, in Birmingham, by Linda who runs a wine school/hotel in the region.

Her information  was interesting and not dissimilar to other, many (?) observations by French wine producers labouring under bureaucratic AOC rules which can stifle local initiative. It seems the opposite to the situation in countries with less developed wine industries who would benefit from the structures a more centralised system imposes. This would make a good field of study for someone.

Anyway, I look forward to the wine at 14% ABV and another that Richard brought back of 15% ABV. One glass and I’ll be off to bed!]

Richard: a bit more on this. Granacha is a made up word combining Grenache and Garnacha, used, apparently because AoC rules forbid the name of the grape on a front label.




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  1. Now why didnt you pop in and see me at Auberge du Vin in Mazan? !
    I could have told you they use the Spanish spelling of the (Spanish) grape as they are not really supposed to have a 100% grenache under AOC rules. And I could have pointed you to some excellent producers such as Fondreche or Juvenal in the appelation.. you will just have to come back to Villes sur Auzon next year! Cheers Linda

  2. Emma ROONEY

    It’s Villes sur Auzon!