Another orange wine


No chance of me identifying this one although I know the grape – pinot gris – in a mainly Alsace context.

This one is Bolfan Primus 2012 made in Croatia (M&S) and identified as an orange style wine on the back label, as if the colour wasn’t enough.

Rich, quite sherry like, sweet start, dry finish, short but mouthwatering and refreshing – a least for the first glass. Then the palate begins to tire of the flavour. Rather like those beers you can only drink one pint of, before moving on to something else. Interesting but not a wine I’d seek out – and I think M&S have sold off their stock at a reduced price.

[Geoff: I’ve yet to be convinced on orange wines but that may be because those I’ve tried (and there hasn’t been many) have lacked interest once I’ve got used to the different flavour. This wine was no exception, there was little complexity which is what I think Richard alludes to. Each container, be it oak, stainless steel, clay, concrete, etc will influence the taste in some way but to maintain interest there have to be other taste ‘influencers’. This just didn’t have any. I have another orange wine to try and am hoping for a better result.]


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