Domaine de Trevallon revisited


We’ve done this wine before but Richard’s seemingly endless [much reduced] stock of wines secreted all over his house [mainly in the loft] has thrown up a later vintage than the 2000 we tried earlier. I was tasting it blind.

This is classified as a Vin du Pays because the vigneron will not conform to the local AC rules; this notoriety has had an amazing effect on the prices of the wines. That and their undoubted quality, of course. These VdPs are commanding prices of £50 upwards for this particular vintage.

A blind tasting then, the wine having been decanted for 60 mins. Colour: very intense black with a brick red rim and pronounced viscosity. The nose was layered into bramble fruits, figs, iodine, menthol but with a refreshing acidity. The menthol gave me the hint of Syrah in the blend whilst the intensity suggested somewhere hot, I ventured the south of France. The palate, to be frank, was disappointing after such intriguing smells. It was very slightly oxidised and had lost the freshness, tannins and drying flavours dominated. It was medium in length. Maybe the decanting had ‘matured’ it too much?

When revealed to be Trevallon’s blend of 50% Syrah and Cabernet, the wine having spent two years in barrel we looked up the previous blog of the 2000 which was much more positive. Other blogs for this vintage were more positive but I did read how there is considerable variation in bottles and some issues with ‘brett’ in the wines. By the following day it had become quite ordinary and lacking in any fruit. What a pity.

[Richard: from Leon Stolarski, £31. The previous vintage tasted (I bought a half case of 6 different vintages) was just wonderful and this didn’t quite measure up, although it improved into the evening with the tannins mellowing – or perhaps that was the accompanying roast chicken.]


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