Weekend wines (red)

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No Geoff this weekend, though he did taste one of the wines.

With pizza on Thursday night Angie and I tried another from Aldi’s Lot series, no 17 – Australian shiraz, at the usual £9.95. Despite a claimed 14.5% it was very quaffable with some decent acidity and was still going strong on Sunday night. Recommended.

On Saturday the neighbours came round for a meal. Steve is a Rioja fan so I opened a magnum of Conde de Valdemar GR 1994, purchased from MWW for a bargain £20 in early 2013. Wine writers are usually keen to stress that the wine they are tasting is from a larger bottle – ‘en magnum’ – as they invariably say. This is because the larger bottle size slows the ageing process as there is roughly same amount of oxygen for double the amount of wine. I’ve no idea since you’d need an identical 75 cl bottle as a comparator. Anyway the Rioja was nicely mature and very drinkable with a lean fresh feel. I forgot to vacuum seal it until 12 hours on so by the time Geoff tried it, it was, he reported, fading quickly in the glass.

Steve also likes port so we tried two half bottles from a mixed case I bought a few years ago. Previously blogged on here. The Graham’s was clearly the better wine though there was a woody nose which persisted in the glass and detracted somewhat. The Dow’s was pleasant but lacked complexity. Probably drunk too young to get the best from the bottles thought they were both very attractive.

Finally a Ch Vignelaure, a cabernet/shiraz mix (70/30) from Provence (WS £16). Lots of fruit, plenty of depth and body, a very savoury wine.


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