Buon Natale

Completely unplanned but this Christmas we were mainly drinking Italian reds, as follows:



Chianti Riecine 2014, £18 from Tanners. The best chianti around under (and possibly over) £20. Rescued from the recycling, not drunk in the garden. Pure, delicious cherry fruit. I’m tempted to say linear but I’m not totally sure of what that means in a wine context. Blogged before and liked just as much.



Angehi Donnafugata 2012, £20 from Waitrose. Described by their own website a ‘a soft red with an international taste’, which would have put me off had I seen it before purchase. It’s merlot and CS, which I think explains what they mean. Not the least bit Italian but a lovely mature wine. Very drinkable.



Chianti Brolio 2013, also from Waitrose, about £22. Harder with less fruit than the Riecine so not as enjoyable and rather overpriced. You’d be better off with the chianti that Ricasoli make for Waitrose’s own label, at half the price.



This was a Christmas present from Geoff, sourced from MWW. Rather surprisingly I tried a different vintage (1991) about five years ago, as part of a mixed WS case of Italian reds. Very tarry/leathery on first taste – the wine is kept in barrels until a few months before bottling –  but it soon comes round to deliver another easy-to-drink red yet with some complexity and depth. No DOCG classification because of the long barrel ageing.




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