Garagistes, meaning people who make wine in garages, or similar, were a phenomenon of the 1990s. Not seen so much now, although in Alsace we visited a couple of growers who would qualify. However after the recent post on old cava and this post – we can propose a new meaning, namely people who drink wine found in garages. This latest was a present from Liz. No one has any idea how long it had been stored among the garden furniture and the half empty tins of paint – like many people Liz doesn’t actually keep her car in the garage. Incidentally her garage is part of the house structure and thus has, I would think, a more stable temperature which has helped keep the wine in very good condition.

Nor has anyone any idea where the port came from or the cost, although a 2001 article in The Scotsman shows the 1987 as costing £16, from Oddbins. There is also a Cellartracker review of the same wine in the same year. So it’s probably been garaged for at least ten years. Not a make I’ve ever seen before. There is some (conflicting) information on the net but it seems to be grapes selected by de Zellaer (who he?) and vinified by someone else.

After all that, a medium weight vintage port, very smooth, light red, fruity nose, rather one dimensional but very drinkable.



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