Dry and drier


We thought the Suenen tasted on Friday had lots of acidity – this had more.

An intense, bright, mid-yellow colour lead into a sweet Muscat like nose which became more sherry-like over time. The taste was long, quite rich but with a piercing acidity. I got as far as France/Loire but it didn’t taste like any Chenin I’d ever tasted – but Chenin it was. A Savennieres which is a relatively rare AoC – albeit one I’ve tried twice before, (from the WS and the Co-Op – neither blogged). Will it smooth and and/or improve with age? Over to Geoff.

[Geoff: No is the short answer. I decanted the remainder of the wine left after our tasting in an attempt to soften some of the searing acidity. I reasoned that the wine would mellow in all aspects and develop the richness that typifies older Chenins. I was wrong. The oxidation became more pronounced, it maintained the acidity level and did not become more rounded. So much so, I labelled the wine as ‘faulty’ or at least out of balance. No wonder the retailer (Laithwaites) were getting rid of a few bottles.]


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