Wine from the suburbs


I know we’ve done this before but I just couldn’t resist another taste. It is from Marsannay, the northernmost AC in the Cotes de Nuits and, as such, starts in the southern suburbs of Dijon. Traditionally famous for its rose, this area also produces red and white wines which, because of the spiralling cost of Burgundy, have been the focus of buyers looking for good value Chardonnays and PNs. It is made by Loius Latour, a well-established Burgundian name of some repute. The vintage is 2011, a good one especially for the white wines.

Pale green colours hinted at good acidity levels and the lack of viscosity also indicated a leanness on body. The nose was very slightly creamy as well as being fresh from lemony citrus. But the over-riding smell was one of fresh hazelnuts.

Dry and long on lime/lemon notes, this was a clean, crisp Chardonnay with very slight yoghurty/creamy flavours which developed as it sat in the glass. A well-balanced, well-made wine if not particularly complex but nicely tight but ripe for drinking now.  A ‘straight up and down’ white Burgundy which cost about £9 from Majestic (they were getting rid) and such good value. I had it with home-made fish soup, lovely.


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