No idea…


I tasted this (Chateau du Cedre 2009) blind with Geoff on Sunday. He’d decanted it and initially I thought the nose was rather cabernet like. Wrong. Intense purple/red colour and thus, I thought, a young wine – also wrong. The taste was pure and clean, black fruit, rather thin in the mouth and intensely tannic. Definitely a food wine. I suggested various French regions with little conviction which were also wrong. In fact a Cahors – 90% malbec, 5% merlot, 5% tannat – and a region I have little knowledge of. Nothing like an Argentinian malbec. After a while the wine started to lose elegance and was rather short and hollowed out. This was a present to Geoff but I’ve seen it listed in the UK for around £13.

[Geoff: I have to admit to a little disappointment with this wine. Its tannin I expected but not the way it faded into a rather ordinary drink. There is a better version, I believe, but this showed its lack of class IMO].


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