Baden wein? Nein.


Baden is  the southernmost German wine region and the one with the biggest wine consumption per capita, “a tribute to its winemakers’ it is claimed. Mmmm, they obviously don’t feel as we did about this example. Made from the Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder) in Germany, we were trying the 2015 from Aldi, coming in at 13% ABV.

A very pale lemon in colour, almost watery, which prefigured an equally understated nose of light citrus fruit, notably lemon. We both could detect some white pepper aromas and Richard commented on the chalkiness. The freshness of primary fruits dominated but it didn’t shout at us.

The citrus carried through on to the palate which had some weight. There was a slight sweetness to offset the acidity but the wine lacked real depth and it certainly wanted for complexity. After a while, this wine started to pall and a second glass did not appeal. It would attract those who don’t regularly drink wine and it has its merits of simplicity, sweetness and freshness. Not for me, I’m afraid. Sorry, Aldi.

[Richard: another from the Aldi Lot Series, at the usual £9.95 and the second of the unusual wines tried on Sunday. We’ve tasted, and enjoyed, most of the series but this one wasn’t for us. Partly the style – a sweet core with dry edges – but it was also disappointingly one-dimensional given the promise of the nose.]


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