Muga Seleccion Especial 2004




Firstly, I have to  to being a little underwhelmed by this wine but perhaps my expectations were too high. I opened it, tried a sip and thought that’s interesting, there’s a lot of complexity – I’ll give it an hour and return to really taste it. Mistake. I decanted it, left it alone and ….

The colour was an intense red with a very slight brick colour on the rim, there wasn’t much evidence of viscosity. The nose had lost the various aromas from my first, brief encounter and had become very slight and rather one dimensional – an aroma of intense stewed sweet strawberries. It was very attractive but not complex. On the palate, tannins dominated the long, tobacco leaf dryness. Of medium weight, there were some spice notes in the flavour but it returned to the strawberry sauce sweetness that was obvious on the nose.

I wonder if, by opening and decanting, the wine had too long to develop; it may have been better perhaps after 30 mins. Having said all of that, it was a lovely wine which matched beautifully some rare roast beef in a red wine sauce.

The curse of the wine taster strikes again, looking for complexity when it’s not required.

[Richard: Muga is one of my favourites and I bought a bottle of this at the same time as Geoff. I’ll try it without decanting.]



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