Old gold


This (Marques de Murrieta 2008 Capellania) was an unusual wine in many ways. Firstly the colour – not quite as deep as the Wolverhampton Wanderers first team strip – but a very deep yellow. Secondly the nose where,  I can’t improve on Geoff’s suggestion of ‘furniture polish’. Finally the taste, a bit oxidised, lots of acidity, a very interesting, rather citrussy, thinnish mouth feel. Sherry like but not sherry. My first suggestion was Savagnin, from the Jura, my second Spanish, as it reminded me somewhat of Vina Tondonia. In fact we’ve tasted this wine before, some three years ago when we wondered if it would age. It has but now the wine definitely needs food as the taste palls after a while. From the WS who have moved onto the 2011 at £15, which I think is good value.

[Geoff: I’m pleased we had this now, because I don’t think it had much more to give. It was interesting because of the acidity levels despite the age and the origins of a warm climate. Richard estimated well when he said Vina Tondonia, the two wines are very similar in style. For me, it was like drinking an older en rama sherry and, like that drink, needed some tapas to balance the pronounced flavours. No more left now.]


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