“The new [in 2007] greenhouses”


An intriguing name for a wine this; it’s the translation of ‘La Serre Nuove’. To give its full title you must add ‘dell Ornellaia 2007. Presumably now, ten years later, they are now called La Serre Vecchie.

To the wine. The colour was an intense very deep red with a brown rim whilst the nose had what Richard described as a ‘spirity’ aroma. For me, it was an odd mixture of flowers and almost menthol aromatics and didn’t seem ‘together’. There wasn’t a satisfying depth to it.

The palate was better then the aromas. Just. The tannins were present, mixed with acidity and a leathery, earthy taste. It opened to a slight blackcurrant flavour. The disappointing aspects were its lack of length, refinement and any real complexity. It just seemed a big, red wine that was okay to drink but not much more.

Bolgheri DOC is the coastal region of Tuscany, brought to prominence in the late-1960s/early 1970s by the use of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes in Sassicaia. Cellartracker tells us that this wine is a Bordeaux blend but doesn’t specify the proportions. Tasting notes made by various drinkers in the last 12 months also say that they expect this to improve, some up to 2021. The excellent vintage conditions of 07 Tuscany, the wine’s tannins and the high alcohol (14.5%) augur well but I’m not really convinced.

But wine has a way of proving its pundits wrong and it might develop well, depending on whether you like the end result, of course. It might be worth sitting on, Richard.

[Richard: Last bottle, I’m afraid – actually, I’m not. Third Italian red in succession, the most expensive (around £30 WS, out of stock) and, by some distance the worst. I’ve hung on to this since 2011 to the end of the WS drinking window but is was still hard and tannic, not an especially pleasant drink and thus a big disappointment. A rare unfinished bottle.]


Just a few lines on a Cot wine (aka Malbec) given to me as a present about three years ago. It is from the Perez Cruz winery in the Maipo Valley, close to Santiago, Chile. The vineyards of this region are in the Andean foothills and benefit from their altitude which encourages acidity in the grapes. This helps balance the sugars developed in the warm climates of the whole region. However, they still produced a substantially alcoholic 14% ABV in the wine. This was a ‘Limited Edition’, whatever that means, from 2011.

Richard and I tried it after it had been open (but vacuum pumped) for 3 days. The lifted blackberry fruits were still present in both the aroma and taste but it had lost just a touch of the attractive freshness present on opening. Quite a simple wine but with dominant primary fruit flavours which, I have to admit, I prefer to a lot of the Malbecs on the market at the moment.

[Richard: Nice wine which had held up well. Around £14 I think which is perhaps a little ambitious but I still preferred it to the Tuscan.]


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