Blind spots

I’ve never liked pinotage and it’s rare I find a bottle of gewurtztraminer enjoyable – some tasted in Alsace were exceptions. But there is another – a grape I actually like but rarely think of when blind tasting. That is semillon, a grape often used in blends, less often seen on its own. I can only think of one bottle I’ve ever bought.

Thus I had a job identifying last night’s wine, even though Geoff spoke highly of it and I know he likes the style. A bright Rose’s lime cordial colour with lime on the nose, viscous/oily in the glass, high acidity, rich but rather short – although it had been open 24 hours. I got as far as New World but no further.

In fact we’ve tasted this wine before when we weren’t greatly impressed. I had no idea then, either. This was better no doubt due to the extra 2.5 years in bottle.

[Geoff: This was unrecognisable from the previous tasting, the downsides of drinking too early. I’m really impressed with this grape’s style but it does need bottle age to develop. Have ordered a few recently, so will no doubt blog more. Rather pleased that R. enjoyed its full but not quite bone-dry style. Flavours I picked up were ginger, lime, peach and beeswax. Tesco’s supply but no more around, alas, but WS have just advertised the 09 vintage.]



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