Good sherris sack


It’s been a long time since we tried some sherry; I think Richard must be running down his stock. This was our old friend La Bota de Manzanilla from Equipa Navazos that R. had opened previously.

It was very dark for a manzanilla – a tan colour with orange highlights and throwing a slight sediment. It smelt of nuts and lemon acidity. The oily mouth feel was accompanied by the lemon flavour with what I tried to describe as a salty caramel taste. The length was medium.

As R. said, this was moving to an amontillado-style of sherry. It went very well with the potted shrimps on toast.

[Richard: this has been blogged before. Eighteen months on the colour has deepened but the wine is still fresh and complex. Opened for three days when Geoff tried it but there was still a lot of flavour and no sign of oxidation. Classy wine and I’ll be sorry when the last one has gone.]


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