Gevrey-Chambertin 2008, Le Cave de la Colombe, 13.5%, M&S. As you can see from the dust, purchased by Geoff some time ago.

This had been open 24h under vacuum seal when I tried it. Pinot in colour – pale, brick rim, a big sweet cherry nose but no defining pinot characteristics. As with the taste, medium length, red fruit, not complex and to me, not very pinot either. So I’m glad it wasn’t tasted blind as I think I would have struggled. But a nice, easy to drink wine and I took the remains of the bottle home as Geoff wasn’t a fan.

[Geoff: Now I’m a burgundy fan so maybe I was not in the right mood/expected more/got wrong taste buds in or all/none of the above, I don’t know. It just tasted very ordinary, thin, slightly acidic and characterless all came to mind. 08 wasn’t a great year (wet) in Burgundy so maybe that’s why it was got rid of at M&S about three years ago. Gevrey is purported to be one of the heftier Cote d’Or wines – this wasn’t. Maybe my taste’s changing? Glad Richard enjoyed it]


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