The other cabernet…

This (Les Cornuelles, Chinon, 2012) was tasted blind, at Geoff’s, last night.

Dark and purple the wine had a polished appearance, a rather shy nose, smooth tannins and some refreshing acidity balancing the red fruit. A silky mouth feel completed a very drinkable glass.

There were just about enough indicators for me to suggest cabernet franc from the Loire which proved correct. Missing was the characteristic leafy, currant bush aroma the grape often produces.

I lived in Nottingham for 10 years or so in the seventies but to my great regret never visited Gauntleys, where this wine came from, despite being a frequent visitor to Weavers, round the corner. It was/is really a tobacco shop – the wine is in the basement – but they have some very interesting stock (I’ve visited, once, since) including the hard to find Equipo Navazos sherry and some rare wines from Boxler, in Alsace.


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