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R. has bought a case of organic i.e. low (or no) sulphur/low intervention wines and, initially rather sceptical, I have enjoyed this offering. It is a widely available, not obscure, wine which has earned some high praise, both in terms of VFM and its quality.

Gran Cerdo 2016 by Gonzalo Grjalba is a red Rioja (ABV 13.5%) which has a delightfully pure taste. The colour is a vibrant ruby red of medium intensity with a slightly purple rim. I smelt sour red fruit and immediately placed it as an Italian red (right continent, at least) but there was also a lingering smokiness. All the aromas were very pronounced. Although not a complex wine, its freshness and purity were delightful, the tannins gave a good structure and a pleasing dryness.

The wine had not seen any wood, only stainless steel and the sulphur dosage was very low. Fermenting wine does produce its own sulphur in small quantities but I assume that little extra is used. I was very impressed with this and it represents very good value.

[Richard: Ange has expressed an interest in low intervention/organic (the terms are not completely synonymous) wines and opinion on the WS Forum was that Buon Vino were the best suppliers. They had a 10% discount on low/no sulphur wines so I picked a selection of well-reviewed (by customers) bottles. This was the cheapest at around £8 and, as Geoff says, it was pretty good. Interesting to taste the Tempranillo grape vinified in a totally different way. Nothing like Rioja but none the worse for that. I forgot to take a photo so that above comes from the seller’s website.]



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