Not this time…

Having been pleased with my ability to spot Cabernet Franc I was completely fooled by this, a South African version (Warwick Estate 2013).

Medium intensity in colour, a rich, rather sweet smell – vanilla, Turkish Delight  – which didn’t really carry over into the taste. Quite long and drying on the finish. A pleasant drink but with none of the characteristics you would find in a bottle from the Loire. In particular the ‘green’ grassy note was completely absent.

[Geoff: R. needn’t be too self-critical, this is Cabernet Franc – but not as we know it. My feelings are ambivalent about this wine. On the one hand, it’s a very well-made, polished, complete, rich, full-flavoured mouthful. However, my liking of this grape comes from the fragrant raspberry aromas, the herbaceous, underripe tastes and the edgy tannins – none of which this had. Mind you, CF’s home in the Loire can throw up pretty raw, unpolished wines sometimes and this was way more enjoyable than those. This did exhibit the difference between a New World, warmer climate style and the Old World style. £20.50 from the WS.]


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